A belief that engineering could be better, and a desire to challenge the status quo.

Engineering Evolved

We're driven to push the boundaries of what engineering can deliver.

To increase efficiency, enhance collaboration, and empower our engineers to tackle even larger projects, we’ve re-engineered the standard process to focus on BIM and automation, with all our engineers working exclusively in Revit.

Structural engineering and modelling are done live and concurrently by our engineers, streamlining the process and allowing your design to naturally develop as the project evolves. Everything we do - from concepts and analysis to presentation of advice - is integrated in one place.

While harnessing technology is a key component of our continual drive to be better, the most important skill in our engineering arsenal will always be our ability to listen.

Phelan Shilo - Engineering Evolved

Engineering Evolved

Phelan Shilo - Engineering Solutions
The Endless Pursuit of Better

At the heart of everything we do is an insatiable drive to get better every day.

We put our heart and soul into our work and do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional results for you. Our obsessive attention to detail ensures everything we do is of the highest quality. Our team constantly seek new ways to evolve our capabilities, refine our processes and improve your outcomes.


Sensible and Buildable

We leverage our previous successes to give you a proven, efficient, and considered process.

We think of ourselves as problem-solvers who use engineering as a tool to deliver smart, elegant and practical solutions that best meet your requirements. Our approach delivers creative yet practical outcomes that work.

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Collaborative Relationships

We're fortunate to work on projects that we love with clients that we respect.

Ongoing, real-time client collaboration is central to our process. We listen, and we focus on what’s important to you. We communicate regularly to give you clarity, certainty and confidence. Our uncommon process allows your design to naturally develop as the project, and your vision, evolve.