Case Studies

Spacecube: Modular Architecture

Australia & New Zealand


Spacecube, a modular architecture company founded in Australia, provide unique modular solutions for events and brand activations as well as semi-permanent builds that are strong yet flat-packable and reusable. As part of the development phase, the product needed to be designed so that it met their complex and unique needs while also facilitating an efficient construction process.


The brief was to make the structure demountable while maintaining a high load and wind rating. Most modular structures of this format achieve their rigidity and strength from fully welded corners. In principle, the concealed and bolted corners of the proposed structure would produce weak corner connections, significantly diminishing its strength and rigidity. We had to ensure the integrity of the structure while maintaining a form that was universal, interchangeable and adaptable that also adhered to restrictive aesthetic requirements.


We explored new and unusual ways to model the structure to reflect its unique demountable attributes more accurately. This included creating non-linear methods to analyse the performance of the concealed connections in the corners to allow us to accurately design for the onerous loading conditions. This approach enabled us to rationalise and design the product to meet the client’s loading requirements while staying true to the original architectural vision.

We have worked on subsequent iterations of the product, requiring us to continuously brainstorm new ideas and attachments which could interface with the structure in the future. By hypothesising these currently-unknown attachments, we have been able to incorporate new and more flexible connections into the current generation of modules to allow for future product development by the client. Our insight and focus on continual development have allowed the client to produce larger and more complex structures with greater variations than originally envisaged. 

By partnering closing closely with our client, we have helped Spacecube go from strength to strength, counting global brands such as Nike, Audi, Heineken and Samsung as clients. Spacecube has featured at major Australian events such as the Australian Open and the Melbourne Cup as well as multiple NZ events, and there are significant international opportunities on the horizon.