Case Studies

BMW Dealership

Waitara, NSW


PSP were engaged to design the structure for the new flagship BMW dealership in NSW. Measuring in at almost 100m in length and spanning across three levels, this $18m development would be one of the largest dealerships in Australia.


The site itself posed significant challenges. The proposed structure would take up almost the entire site, and access would be limited as the site is bounded by a rail corridor, highway, and neighbouring buildings. This meant it would be near impossible to build such a large structure using the conventional bottom-up methodology.

We also faced a tight budget which threatened to stall the project, and an extremely tight time frame. 


We identified that our client had a powerful pricing advantage on steelwork and precast, and specifically developed a structural philosophy which complemented these strengths. We eliminated post-tensioned concrete and minimised reinforced concrete. We reimagined the whole structure, and our design used composite steel construction and precast to leverage our client’s strengths. We also reviewed the basement perimeter and tailored the design to maximise the use of precast retaining panels, reducing the extent of in-situ shoring to only 23% of the original basement perimeter. Our approach resulted in savings that allowed the dealership to be realised.

Using a temporary bracing system to work within site constraints, we specifically designed the structure to be built from one end of the site to the other. Working laterally in complete full-height ‘slices’ provided space for cranes, crews, and materials, and made construction feasible within the site’s limitations. 

To accommodate the tight time frame, we worked closely with the shop detailers to enable the shop detailing and structural design to occur concurrently, while the structural documentation was being developed. Our real-time coordination of the detailing process allowed the client to commence fabrication sooner so they could open the new dealership as soon as possible.