We design smart, buildable engineering solutions to human problems.

We are Phelan Shilo Partners

We’re driven by a relentless desire for better - both for ourselves as individuals looking to grow, and for the projects that we help our clients realise.

We go above and beyond to bring your vision to life. Our uncommon approach combines technological efficiencies with a client-centric focus based on real-time collaboration.

Our team’s diverse mix of skills, backgrounds and perspectives fuels a creative approach to solving engineering problems. Our unapologetic love of seemingly insignificant details underpins a single-minded focus on quality. Our studio is a creative hub where ideas and inspiration flow freely.

We’re humbled and energised by the calibre of clients who choose us, and are passionate about delivering amazing results for them.

We take great pride in our work, and our track record of delivering exceptional results - regardless of project size - drives us to keep improving every day.

We feel fortunate to call Melbourne home; it’s big enough to allow us to work on globally-recognised events and projects, and small enough to provide a thriving and diverse creative and cultural community.

The future excites us. We’ll continue to grow and evolve, but will never lose sight of what got us here: a genuine care for our team and our clients; a love of solving problems elegantly; a commitment to quality; and an endless pursuit of better.

Phelan Shilo Partners

Robert Phelan - Co-Founder

Robert Phelan

Co-Founder | Principal Structural Engineer
Anton Shilo - Co-Founder

Anton Shilo

Co-Founder | Principal Structural Engineer
Our Story

It began with a shared belief that engineering could be better.

PSP’s founders, Anton and Rob, first connected over post-project drinks at a previous employer. They were driven to find better ways to deliver engineering solutions for clients, and united by a common desire to challenge the status quo. Eventually, they decided to join forces and forge their own path.

Their different personalities complement shared values and attitudes. A common vision of what structural engineering could be, and a desire to drive the industry forward, fuels an endless search for better.

Anton and Rob love what they do. For them, it’s not a job; it’s more like a hobby. They live and breathe engineering, and love nothing more than finding elegant solutions to client problems. They couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Phelan Shilo - Engineering Solutions